99 Songs

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Actors: Adithya Seal, Lisha Ray

99 Songs

99 Songs

Production - Ideal Entertainment, YM Studios
Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamurthy
Music - AR Rahman
Cast - Ihan Butt, Edelsey Vargas, Lizare
Time - 2 hours 13 minutes
Rating - 2.8 / 5

The film was originally shot in Hindi and dubbed in Tamil. Composer AR Rahman is the producer and narrator of the film.

He has written a story about a young musician who is something of a composer. One drawback is that the film is not a film for Tamil fans as it is a Hindi film.

They also confuse us a bit by putting flashbacks above screenplays and flashbacks. This screenplay will greatly confuse the ordinary fans who watch the movie.

Ihan Butt is a college student with a lot of musicality. Love for him and his fellow student and fashion artist, the speechless Edelsey Vargas. Edelweiss is the daughter of the great businessman Ranjit Prot. Ranjith does not like his daughter falling in love with an ordinary young man. Make 100 songs though, and then he says he'll marry his daughter. Until then she puts the condition that she should not see or talk to her daughter. Ihan goes to Shillong with a friend to compose 100 songs. The rest of the story of the film is whether he composes 100 songs, wins the challenge and holds the hand of his girlfriend.

The story of Ambikapathy, directed by Ellis R. Duncan in 1937 and starring MK Thiyagaraja Bhagavathar and MR Santhanalakshmi, is not much different from this 99 * Songs story. That's the difference between a poet and a musician.

Director Vishwesh Krishnamurthy has technically given an impact similar to watching Hollywood movies in the making of the film. Otherwise, the scenes that make us melt in the film, the scenes that can not be said that the film moves to the extent that we can not enjoy. The end of the film is the biggest cinematic ending in cinematography.

Ihan Butt has been a musician since a young age despite his Dad's speech. He works hard to show his musical talent to the world. To challenge his musical talent, his girlfriend's father also composes 100 songs and tries to succeed in it. He hopes that only one song will change his life. Ihan's performance in the role of that ambitious young man makes you say aha.

Edelsey Vargas as the protagonist. The film revolves around the protagonist. Initially there are a few of their love scenes in which the intensity of love is expressed more than the kiss.

Denzin Talha, who plays Ihan's friend, looks just like Jackie Chan. He is the one who makes the biggest sad turn in the life of the film's protagonist Ihan. Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray are also in the picture. Their characters are important even when it comes to low scenes. Composer Ranjith Barod as the heroine's father. Has played the role of the usual corporate dad.

There are frequent songs in the film with music by AR Rahman. Only a few songs captivate the mind. I don’t know why the whole film should have been taken in such a half light. Okay for Hollywood, don't you want to keep our Indian fans in mind ?. Everyone understands when watching the film that the editor of the film would have had a hard time.

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